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mother | friend | writer | photographer | observer | listener | entrepreneur | introvert | artist | designer | storyteller | explorer | volunteer | cheerleader | foodie | investor | researcher | optimist | curator


I live in Kerr Village, a colourful area of Oakville, Ontario, with my four active kids: Claire (15), Cole (14), ChloƩ (12) and Caden (11). I am on a quest to take 40+ years worth of experiences lived and skills mastered and apply them in some practical and creative manner. I am a dedicated uni-tasker, nosily curious and generally opinionated; I have a big laugh, a love of neatly folded laundry, an aversion to talking on the phone and am in constant search of good light.

After 20+ years in the grocery industry, primarily in category management and private label development, there was no return to a stale corporate environment once home with four active kids. My days are now filled with hours spent in hockey rinks, enjoying recitals, on gridirons, on school grounds, in auditoriums and on lakesides as parent, cheerleader and volunteer. The family is always going at a break-neck pace: four directions at once. My job is to slow things down and add perspective: teaching the kids to be mindful and appreciative of every day experiences with an emphasis on their studies and commitment to service. When not parenting, my time is spent making a mess in my studio, on the computer writing and blogging, and everywhere else playing with my Canon 40D.

I am enjoying the journey and figuring out what to do next!